UPS Shipping Manager Pro


Includes :

  • Fully Automatic Generation of  UPS Shipping Labels;
    (label generates automatically , when order submitted);
  • Bulk Generation of UPS Shipping Labels
    (admin selects orders and generates labels by one click for all selected orders);
  • Manually Generation of  UPS Shipping Labels
    (admin creates labels manually and can change settings for different labels);
  • UPS Pickup Service
    (Create Pickup Shedule);
  • Paperless Commercial Invoices
    (Commercial Invoice in Paperless and PDF format).

Based on UPS Shipping API and Pickup API.
Magento® patch SUPEE-6788 is considered.

The extension allows :

  • Create UPS Shipping Labels and Pickup Shedule using your own UPS Account Credentials;
  • Create UPS Shipping Labels in Fully Automatic Mode – labels create when order submitted;
  • Create UPS Shipping Labels in Bulk mode - bulk creation from Orders’ page by one click;
  • Create UPS Shipping Labels in Manual mode - create manually Shipments and Labels;
  • Create UPS Shipping Labels and Pickups in Test Mode and in Real Mode (billable Labels and Pickups); completely pass UPS Certification Process (you will receive docs with the extension);
  • Create and print UPS Shipping Labels, even if UPS shipping is disabled in your Magento® System and you use Flat Rates or Table Rates for Customers;
  • Fill Address Book - create up to 10 addresses for Shipper and Ship From;
  • Generate UPS Shipping Labels for every Shipment, use Multishipment and Multipackages, store and delete generated Shipping Labels in your Magento® System;
  • Automatically create Packages to every product in an order (as setting);
  • Automatically insert Tracking Number into the Shipping Information block of the Shipment;
  • Save the cost of shipment (created UPS shipping label) in the shipment’s table;
  • Customize for each label a lot of parameters, including: UPS Shipping Method, Packaging conditions, Shipment Description, mark Shipment as Residential or Commerce;
  • Create Return Labels by Customer (from customer’s account) and by Admin (from Credit Memo);
  • Create Return Labels by Admin automatically, simultaneously with the Forward Labels;
  • Take into account the Weight and Dimensions of Packages;
    Admin can prepare up to 5 packages with different dimensions and select one of them for label creation;
  • Use Negotiated RatesCOD, set Duty and Taxes and some other settings (see detailed in Configuration);
  • Set Quantum View Notification;
  • Print Shipping Labels as GIF, HTML and PDF documents, allows printing adjustments;
  • Print UPS Shipping Labels by Zebra Thermal printer;
  • Use Bulk Printing - you select a few orders and then create PDF file with all shipping labels of these orders (you should create the labels for these orders previously);
  • Bill Shipment to Third Party Payer;
  • Create Third Party Payers;
  • Create Pickup Shedule;
  • Create, edit and cancel Pickups;
  • Note: The extension can not create labels for Dangerous Goods (this is not supported by UPS Shipping API).

Countries, where UPS supports Shipping API :
Countrie, where UPS supports Shipping API
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System Requirements :

  • CURL: no less than 7.19.7
  • PHP: no less than 5.5
  • OpenSSl: version no less than 1.0.1.
  • Protocol TLSv1.2

License :

Single Domain License: you can use this extension only on one domain, ie. on one Magento installation. Read more ->