UPS Shipping Manager Pro

UPS Access Point Navigator on Magento 2.x allows customers to select UPS Access Point for delivery in checkout. UPS Access Point Navigator based on UPS Locator API and UPS Locator plugin. You can use Access Point Navigator separately (with default Magento® UPS module) or together with UPS Shipping Manager Pro on Magento 2.x, starting from 7.0 version.
The extension allows:

  • Select between - Hold for Pickup at UPS Access Point and - UPS Access Point Delivery types;
  • Create for Access Point your own Shipping Methods as many as you want;
  • Time-in-Transit – display the number of transit days for delivery by selected UPS service;
  • Assign for these shipping methods:
    - UPS Service, - Price (static or UPS price),
    - Negotiated rates,
    - Duty and tax;
    - Allowed countries,
    - User groups
    - Allowed stores
    - Free shipping.
  • Importing Shipping methods in CSV format;
  • Fully supports all features of UPS Shipping Manager Pro;
  • Fully supports Mulstistore functions.

System Requirements :

  • CURL: no less than 7.19.7
  • PHP: no less than 5.5
  • OpenSSl: version no less than 1.0.1.
  • Protocol TLSv1.2

License : Single Domain License: you can use this extension only on one domain, ie. on one Magento installation. Read more ->