Infomodus Shipping Methods for Magento

This extension for Magento® allows you to create as many shipping methods as you want, up to hunders and thousands.

These shipping methods may be for:

  • different carriers – UPS, DHL;
  • different directions and distances – countries, zip codes and postal indexes range;
  • different order amount range;
  • different order weight range;
  • different product quantity range;

You can use static price or get price from carrier (you have to enter your account credentials for this carrier).

You can create shipping methods manually, or upload them by .CSV file.

All Shipping Methods, corresponding to the given purchase will be seen in Checkout:

Shipping Methods in Checkout

This Extension also supports different OnePageCheckouts.

You can use Infomodus Shipping Methods separately (using UPS or DHL default Magento® modules), or with one of our extensions:

If you use Infomodus Shipping Methods with UPS Shipping Manager Pro or DHL Shipping Manager, you can create shipping labels automatically, as soon as order will placed.

License :

Single Domain License: you can use this extension only on one domain, ie. on one Magento installation. Read more ->